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Are you Planning to Fail?

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“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”

– Winston Churchill.


Planning is essential, to some degree, in every aspect of life. Even fun events, like “The Treasure Swap”, deserve a plan in order to get the most out of it!

Keep reading to learn how to create a plan for the beginnings of a closet makeover; after all, you don’t have much time until the big event! As the event draws nearer, we’ll continue to provide practical tips and tactics to cleaning out your closet of unwanted items and your life of ‘soul junk’ that gets in the way!

Clothing Talk

Let’s face it: your closet won’t organize itself. It may feel like an overwhelming task, and you may be tempted to just glance through a few drawers and bring a couple of items to the swap and call it ‘done’.  But you deserve better than that! You owe yourself a clean closet and wardrobe full of only the items that you’ll actually wear and that make you look and feel your best. When your surroundings are organized, simple, and uncluttered, you will have less stress and easier decision making.

So how can we take this overwhelming task and make it achievable?

Here’s what you need to figure out to get your closet makeover plan started:

  1. Who: Are you doing this project alone, or inviting your fashionista best friend to ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ your outfits?
  2. How:  Will you unload your entire closet and dresser contents and start with a blank slate, or work one category of items at a time?
  3. When: Pick a time and schedule your closet makeover! (hint: Make sure your ‘who’ and ‘how’ plans lineup with this one.)
  4. Why:  What is most important to you? Having a neat & orderly closet? Saving time by finding outfits that you’ll actually wear? Getting your unused items to women who could really use them? Figure out what is driving you. What is your ‘why’. Then, use this as the basis for your motivation and think about it as you execute your closet makeover.

Soul Talk

If you’re new to the idea of swapping out “soul junk” for treasure, it may sound a bit strange.  Let me set your mind at ease: It’s a lot like cleaning out your closet. It does take a little time, some energy, and there are decisions to be made, but it opens your eyes to stuff you didn’t even know was hiding deep in there —  the buried junk and buried treasure!  I encourage you to bring these to The Treasure Swap, too!  Don’t skip this, it helps free you up in more ways that you could imagine. 
Here are a few simple questions to get you started on your plan:

  1. Who: You (duh!) But seriously, dig a little deeper and ask yourself, “Who am I really? What roles, functions, identities and names make up who I am?”
    Mother? Sister? Wife? Girlfriend? Nurse? Friend? Encourager? Negative? Successful? Failure? Gorgeous? What describes YOU?
  2. How: How do you feel about each of these descriptions that make up you and your identity?
  3. When: Cleaning out your life can’t be scheduled like cleaning out your closet. Rather, it’s a journey and an ongoing process. However, you can plan a little time for the process. Perhaps set aside 5 minutes a day to reflect, journal, meditate, and begin to soul-search about what things within you you’d like to ‘swap out’ for something better, and what treasures you’ve found that you’d like to freshen up. 
  4. Why: You may have no clue why you’d actually want to swap out soul junk, and that’s ok! Or, maybe you already notice dreams that you’re not living, thoughts and words that are holding you back, feelings that make you feel like less than you wish you felt. Begin to identify your ‘why’ for swapping out junk for treasure. What do you want out of life? Do you know who you were created to be?


Now what are you waiting for? Go make that plan and take action! Don’t Plan to fail.
And, don’t forget to get your ticket to the 2017 Treasure Swap if you’re in the Central Ohio area!

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