Are You up for The Challenge??

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The Slimplicity Weight Loss Challenge, that is!

If you don’t personally need to lose weight, you know someone who does! Whether 5 lbs, or 105 lbs — for health reasons, or appearance — you need to know about this “Slimplicity Weight-loss Challenge” that is starting  NOW!
The Reliv Slimplicity Weight Loss program is a safe, healthy, simple and affordable option!
2000+ participants have shown how this Slimplicity program works:

Average results in 6 weeks of following the Slimplicity program

Weight Loss  = 24 pounds

Metabolic Age Reduced = 24 years
% of Water Increased = 7%
Body Fat Reduction = 10%
Muscle Mass Increased = 5%
Waist Circumference Loss = 6 inches
Hip Circumference Loss =  5.5 inch
Learn more about the Slimplicity Program HERE!
30 day  money-back-guarantee 🙂

The CDC states that 71% of men, 61% of women, and 33% of children in the USA are overweight, or obese.  Let’s make a difference in these stats. If you are in the Columbus, OH area, you have the opportunity to come find out your personal above readings on a weekly basis with a body compensation monitor, free!

(Note: This challenge is open to participants in any state,and even any country that Slimplicity is offered)

The challenge starts NOW and runs through January 31st. A person can enter at any time. There will be a $50 gift card awarded to the participant who has lost the highest percentage of body fat at the end of the challenge.

Are YOU up for the challenge?
Contact me at
so I can help you get started to a healthier you!As an added bonus there is also a FREE exercise challenge offered by Team Reliv that you can participate in to help with exercise accountability! Monthly prize drawings are awarded for those who exercise at least 3 hours per week.  This program is open to any Reliv customer or distributor and has no affiliation with this Slimplicity Weight Loss Challenge, but can be an added bonus to help you meet your goals!

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