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You are more than just a parent, a spouse, an entrepreneur or an employee–you want your life to matter. You’ve been taught to make money, live with purpose, and make a difference…but it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

I know how you feel. Been there, done that and have learned so much.

Maybe you can relate with looking for your ‘passion’, putting it into a box and calling it your purpose, your career, or your way to have an impact in the world–but still struggling and feeling like you couldn’t quite measure up.

Years ago I was a young wife and mom doing the ‘work from home’ thing, striving to find meaning. While I was blessed to stay home with our two children, I felt alone and frustrated as I tried to figure out what I should do with my life.

That was me. But not anymore!

After years of research, coaching, trials and failures, I finally realized that I was doing it all wrong–I was looking for what I was created to do before knowing who I was created to be.

When you learn who you were created to be, you are then empowered to grow into what you are created to do. Life becomes a journey full of adventure and excitement as you discover your way to implement impact, influence, and income.

I’m no longer just a wife, mom of two teens and a business owner; I know who I’m created to be–more than just roles–and I’m doing what I’m created to do, like inviting you into this rewarding process so that you, too, can be who you were created to be and do what you’re created to do!

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