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Friday, October 27, 2017

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How do we compare?

Comparison Can Be Good

This past weekend I had the honor of not only attending the 2017 Igniting Souls Conference, but also being part of the behind the scenes team. It was a powerful event

What was really going on at the Igniting Souls Conference?


Yes, comparing. And it was a good thing.

You may be asking, “How can comparison be a good thing?”

Comparison has a bad rap in our society and yet it’s a crucial part of our human existence. Comparison is inevitable and necessary, but what we choose to do with it is how it can have a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ result.

Comparison can help us make sense of our world and to make better decisions.

For instance, one of the many comparisons that I overheard from other attendees was, “This conference is better than any others than I’ve been to.” How is this helpful? There are so many self-development and business conferences in our world that promise great end-results. When we decide where we want to spend our time, money, and energy in the future, we know that the Igniting Souls conference is a good bet.

Better decision making is just the beginning. In order to learn how to grow and develop, we have to assess where we are, and find someone that is ahead of us in those areas so that we can learn from them.

We can grow and develop through comparison.

There were many speakers and thought-leaders at the igniting souls conference that shared their expertise, leaving us with simple action steps that we could pursue in order to develop. Before I could accurately learn from any of these people, I had to assess whether they were better than I was at what they were talking about (um, that’s comparison, right?)

Does Kary Oberbrunner have a larger tribe and impacting more people than I am?


Is Mike Kim’s website and blog copy better than mine?

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Yes

Does Brian Dixon know more about product creation than I do?

Obviously, yes.

Is David Branderhorst more business-savvy than I am?

No brainer. Yes.

Can Dexter Godfrey fire up an audience better than I can?

That man is a fireball – Yes!

Are Amy Schmittauer’s videos a heck of a lot better than mine?

Without a doubt. Yes.

There’s a whole lot of comparison going on there!

But because I took the time to utilize these comparisons in a developmental way, I’ll be able to utilize those comparisons for good instead of allowing them to inflict self-doubt and paralyze me. This is my choice, and I’ve created a mindset that allows for developmental comparison to take place, verses destructive comparison.

It’s true that someone could walk away from the Igniting Souls conference and say to themselves, “Self, you just don’t measure up. All of those people on stage – they are better than you. They can blog better, vlog better, reach more people and make a bigger difference than you. So Self, you should just stop trying.” <— And that, my friends, would be an example of a bad and destructive comparison.

Another bad comparison would be to compare my lovely locks with Kary’s lacking locks. There’s just no redemption in that comparison. Don’t compare hair (or lack there of). I digress….

“Do not compare hair.” #BadComparison #IgnitingSouls17

You are in charge of whether comparison develops you, or destroys you.

Because of the comparison that I experienced that the Igniting Souls conference this past weekend, I’m now here committing to write to you on this blog consistently. I’ll be able to help motivate people to discover their significant purpose, develop a simple plan, and pursue an enriched life.

On that note, if you haven’t already take a second to subscribe to the Simply Enrich blog. You’ll gain useful information and motivation to help you simply enrich your life. Nothing can compare to that. So why wait?

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