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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Ever notice how when you get all excited to organize and purge — whether a closet, a room, the basement, whatever — it doesn’t end up exactly how you imagined?

Take your closet for instance. You envision digging out all of the ‘junk’, organizing what’s left and leaving a perfect, spotless, clean, crisp, Martha-Stuart-like-magazine picture…

…but what you actually get is a disaster all around you everywhere else.

One pile went to The Treasure Swap.

Another pile needs to go to the trash.

Then there are the small piles that go to this room. And that room. And to Aunt Betty.

The charging cord, 3 notebooks, a glue stick, and a myriad of random items are scattered all over.

Your surrounding space looks like a bomb went off. It can be overwhelming to say the least. But hey, at least you got your clean, tidy closet, right? But that shouldn’t be the end of the story. We need to deal with clutter and mess that is around us, as it actually decreases productivity and increases stress in our lives!

So what do I suggest to take care of this aftermath? Set aside a time and do exactly what you did with your closet clean-out: Throw away the junk. Give away or sell the unwanted or unneeded items. And find a proper place for those things that truly bring you joy. Do this closet-by-closet, room-by-room, until every inch of your home is a place of peace. Are you stuck? You can always call a professional, like Major Organizers to come help you get everything started and spark the process.

Going through our closet and other areas of our home stirs things up. It provides an opportunity for reorganization and a new way of thinking about the space that we live in. But it also uncovers some hidden treasures that we forgot that we had, as well as excavates some ugly pieces of ‘junk’ that maybe we wish had stayed buried because we’re not sure yet what to do with them.

This is what happens with our life, too, when we decide to declutter it and excavate the ‘soul junk’ that would prefer to remain inside of you and keep you in bondage. They sort of sit around there in plain view.

Maybe you attended The Treasure Swap event and were made aware of some unsightly names and soul junk that crept out from behind the cobwebs of your life. A few of the pieces of ‘soul junk’ and names that some of the women shared were things like:

Unwanted. Bad Parent. Unloved. Cheater. Liar. Weak. Unworthy. Failure.

Did any of these, or others, rise to the surface of your mind?

It may seem like a ‘negative thing’ to bring all of these unsightly thing up to the surface, but it’s not! The first step to fixing a problem is realizing that there is one, right? Let’s be honest with ourselves – these names and pieces of soul junk do NOT belong inside of you! They are toxic, control you, and keep you hostage. Like a weed with deep roots that borough down and entwine themselves around anything they can to hold on, this soul junk doesn’t want to be pulled out so that you can swap it out with seeds of abundant roses. Nope. And you can’t just ‘Round Up’ the entire field, or you’ll kill the soul. So what can you do to truly purge the soul junk?

The answer is: It’s a process.

Hopefully you’ve already done the first step of the process of eradicating soul junk by identifying it. The next step is learning who created you, and why.

If you’d like to make the choice to eliminate the soul junk and be free to be the real ‘you’, I invite you to join myself and others who are also choosing to be overcomers by taking part in the “Your Secret name 5 Week Journey.” This is where you can work together through this process with a private coach and others who are on the same journey.

This past Saturday we had the 2017 Treasure Swap event. As a ‘Swap Special’, I offered this course for a very special half-price offer (which still includes the lifetime access to the private Facebook group for ongoing support and other bonuses.)

Because I want anyone who’s serious about becoming free from their soul junk to have a chance to take part in this 5 week small group private coaching course, I’ve decided to extend this half-price special until Friday April 21st! Click Here for more info and to register.

Remember, you don’t have to be alone! Just like cleaning out a closet is much better with a personal fashionista and professional organizer right there next to you, it’s essential to have a coach and friend helping to navigate and lead you through this process right there with you. Someone that cares about you and wants to see you rise above the ‘junk’ that is holding you back! (And remember, we ALL have junk!)

You may not like seeing that soul junk laying around, and it may not be what you envisioned, but trust me! There is a beautiful, amazing creation on the other side of all of that!

It’s time to be YOU. The real YOU. The YOU that you were created to be!

“Look inside yourself…You are more than what you have become. Remember who you are.”

– The Lion King

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